Succeed and Grow Rich through Persuasion

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Categories: self-development

That key is the power of persuasion. The power to persuade yourself that you can do whatever you desire. And the power to persuade others to help both you and themselves.

In this books, Napoleon Hill, whose bestseller Think and Grow Rich has shown millions of people the way to success, give you the most potent and practical part of his famous formula for winning everything you'll ever want:

 - Increase your self-confidence
 - Master your hidden mental powers
 - Cultivate your taste for success
 - Develop proven strategies for making money 
 - Perfect the "mental attitude" factor of all success
 - Learn over 700 action-packed mind conditioners that will stimulate your creative thoughts and set you on the road to wealth and happiness-in business, in love, and in everything you do.

And now a new chapter reveals contemporary success stories and shows how you too can develop the secrets of prosperity and put them to work in your own life-today!

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